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Aim of study

We promote clinical studies that integrate basic medicine and social medicine to conduct comprehensive field work. The areas of field work are from medical examination of domestic and overseas Hibakusha (radiation-exposed patients) to genetic analysis, prevention and therapeutic intervention as an international joint study.

We will provide advanced medical care and translational medicine with each department in Nagasaki University Hospital for diseases related to radiation exposure. We construct a domestic and international radiation emergency medicine network and conduct joint study to promote radiation emergency medicine.

Study Subject

  1. Construction of data base of a-bomb victims and overseas radiation-exposed patients
  2. International radiation health and molecular epidemiology
  3. Clinical development of thyroid cancer treatments
  4. Improvement of medical system of emergency radiation medicine and clinical development study
  5. Others (mental health survey, medical exposure, medical aid for hemophiliac patients who are infected with HIV caused from contaminated blood products)

Present State and Vision

  1. We provide medical care comprehensively for long-term-care patients who suffer from malignant tumors, chronic radiation injury and chronic refractory diseases, and construct systems to provide treatment with specialists. Added to daily medical activities, we conduct international health care study and clinical study for therapeutic development.
  2. We promote health consultation for domestic and overseas Hibakusha (South America, North America and Korea) and support them to come to Japan to receive medical treatment with Nagasaki prefecture and Nagasaki city. From 2004 to 2010, we did medical check ups for about 3300 overseas Hibakusha and accepted over 160 overseas Hibakusha for hospital treatment in Nagasaki University Hospital. Furthermore we are supporting neighboring counties to Chernobyl and areas surrounding Kazakhstan nuclear test site with medical assistance.
  3. We conduct medical studies of molecular target treatment for refractory thyroid cancer. We also promote autoadipocyte stem cell transplant therapy for radiation injuries together with plastic surgery, gastroenterological medicine and gastroenterological surgery. 9 patients received treatment and they were treated successfully. In the future, we will conduct a more detailed study of molecular mechanism. We’ve started to accept hemophiliac patients infected with HIV from contaminated blood products.
  4. We are constructing a system of training and education for emergency radiation medicine and are contributing to the WHO-REMPAN Collaborating Centre in Japan. We hosted the 13th WHO/REMPAN International Meeting in Nagasaki University.
  5. Since 2003, 30 health consultations for radiation medicine except a-bomb. Received about 300 domestic and overseas trainees for radiation medicine. About 70 scientific papers. Aim to leave papers in the field of International Hibakusha Medicine.

Contact Information:

Nagasaki University Hospital Nagai Takashi Memorial International Hibakusha Medical Center
Phone: (+81) 95-819-7594

Medical screening
Medical screening for childhood thyroid cancer around Chernobyl

Health screening
Health screening by ultrasound in Semipalatinsk

Hibakusha in Korea
Health consultation for Hibakusha in Korea


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